Practicality and flexible to use workplace administration are the reasons PowerAll is a perfect software solution for companies in ship building and repair. Different kind of work orders and projects, such as accepted work, warranty or production are definable. Before and after calculations are important functions to maintain the highest possible return. With a production module, parts lists can be built and an easy price calculation can be made. The vast possibilities of hour administration, in which the computer system can even be used as a punch clock, make PowerAll for a complete solution for this type of company.

PowerAll is also suited for several other types of businesses, given its wish to automate and if its demands are compliant to those mentioned in the above categories. Does your company provide a technical product and do you have a warehouse and/or workplace environment? PowerAll is your ideal automation solution! Forges, welders, constructors and other similar artisan companies in the metal industry are best helped by the PowerAll software.

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