Not many rental applications provide a company wide solution. Powerall, however, does offer a complete solution. We think of fleet management, renting and contract administration, internal maintenance, barcode scanning, linking to supplier catalogs and ample financial administration and reports.

The ample rental and contract administration in Powerall works seamlessly with the practice side of the rental and leasing branches. With the rental and contracts module you can not only make rental contracts based on time (day, week, month and year) but also based on usage (hours, kilometer). The module is also used in some businesses to do periodical returning invoicing. Think of for example periodical maintenance of machines for a fixed price or renting of storage, caravan storage and so on.

In the rental sector fleet management is also essential for an up to date and detailed overview in costs and profits, status and availability of units. With the work order module, you can manage your work place and keep track of timely maintenance and inspection of machines. Purchasing machines and parts is streamlined by importing links to supplier catalogs, registering price agreements and automated data transfer with suppliers.

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