A high level of service is expected of dealers in building and earth-moving machines. When a machine in the contracting sector shuts down because of a problem, this can have great consequences for the planning of the entire project. In order to be able to repair it well and quickly, insight into the machine specifications and adequate parts supply are of great importance to the dealer.

Powerall is the right tool for this. Powerall helps you adequately react to shut downs, execute periodic maintenance and inspection and have quick and full access to the entire history of a machine in order to have the right tools available at the right moment. With the workplace and service modules you have a solid base for the support of said processes. Furthermore, you can use the article and stock management for optimal usage of your warehouse. The links with the systems of your OEMs and parts suppliers ensure efficient, fast and error free handling of transactions.

– Machine management: insight in specifications, history, costs and profits
– Work place module with support for services buses
– Item management, stock and purchasing
– Renting and leasing

Besides support for the logistics of your company we also offer full financial administration. Some features: automatic bank scanning, automatic payments, debtor analysis, payment terms and more. Many building machine dealers already work with our Powerall software. Are you interested as well? Ask for a free demo.

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