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Many entrepreneurs struggle with business automation. If this sounds familiar to you, then Powerall is what you need. Powerall is the business application that makes your life easier and gives your business wings. It provides you full control: clear information and optimal business processes.

Powerall is a comprehensive solution: The full puzzle and not just a few pieces. All pieces fit together. Powerall makes all your departments work together seamlessly and real-time, including on-the-road salesmen and technicians. It also provides the key to close collaboration with clients and suppliers.

Powerall makes automation a breeze! Finally a manageable project. Finally a package that is tailored to your line of business. Finally results. That is why Powerall is the best for your equipment business. Not on paper, but in reality! Therefore, invest in Powerall for the growth and profitability of your business.

Maintaining a complete overview

Powerall helps you monitor and improve your business performance

To put you in the driver seat, you need information. Information which is clear, reliable and up-to-date. The quality and possibilities of your information system is what makes or breaks your business: how well it fits your business and the ease-of-use for your staff.

Powerall provides you the information!  It gives you a complete overview of the current state of affairs within your company. How healthy is the sales funnel, or is action required? Is the year-to-date revenue on target? What are the margins per equipment category or customer group?

How is the workshop capacity utilization? How many billable hours has the service department done this month? And so on. Powerall provides all of this information: the company-wide application, which fits your business, and which empowers your staff to perform the best possible job.

Your benefits

Complete solution

Powerall is a complete solution for all of your business processes. Not only does it support equipment and parts sales, purchase, inventory management and accounting. It also supports everything from planning, workshop, field service, equipment tracking and life-cycle management, supply chain integration and everything up to your webshop. A one-stop-shop for your business!

Fully integrated

Shared information is essential for collaboration. Working hard is like adding numbers, working together is like multiplying. Passing the baton is a crucial part of a relay race. So is passing on information between your staff members, departments and supply chain partners. Powerall takes care of everything for you!

For equipment dealers and traders

Business processes and information needs are different per industry. Most software packages don’t take into account these industry specific characteristics. Powerall is developed from and for the equipment business. This ensures it meets the needs of equipment dealers, importers, traders and rental companies.

Quick to implement and easy to integrate

Powerall is intuitive and easy to learn. Your staff will get familiar with the system very quickly. To kick-start your implementation, we convert the data from your current system. Loaded with your data, Powerall feels native for your staff, which further expedites the adoption. Powerall offers off-the-shelf integration with OEM catalogs and systems, equipment websites, barcode scanning, CAD systems, and so on.

User friendly

Powerall is easy to use. Data is easy to find thanks to many searching and filtering options. All functions can be operated using the keyboard. Usage of the mouse is optional. This is a pro for workplace and warehouse workers. Data entry is minimized by using barcode scanning. For external workers Powerall offers specific mobile applications for smartphones.


For many small and medium sized companies, automation is a relatively big financial burden which requires a lot of effort and expertise. This means these enterprises aren’t getting the best of the available possibilities. Powerall changes this. Powerall offers value for money: a simple solution, focused on your business, quick to implement and at a fair price.

Powerall is the best and easiest support system for industrial small and medium sized companies


We provide complete solutions for:


Dealers in (road) construction machinery get more out of their company with Powerall. Read more »

Garden & Park

Dealers of garden and park machinery can count on Powerall for their management and operations. Read more »

Wholesale & Importer

Powerall provides a complete solution for technical wholesalers and importers.
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Powerall is highly suitable for companies in vessel and maritime equipment services. Read more »


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Mechanical Engineering

Small and mid-size companies find Powerall the ideal solution to run their business. Read more »


Powerall is a complete and market-leading dealer management solution for the agricultural line of business.
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& Trailer

Truck & Trailer companies find their way with Powerall.
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Renting & Leasing

Rental companies get the most out of their fleet with Powerall.
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Who are we

What can you expect of us?

Automation of your company’s processes implies a long term relationship with your supplier. This requires a supplier which understands your business. Which provides the necessary aid and expertise to optimize your business processes. Best-4-Business aims to be this partner. Best-4-Business provides years of experience to your business, and solutions to further streamline your organization. Best-4-Business provides a complete solution to your company’s automation. Not only do we provide a full company application, but also integrated barcode scanning, mobile apps for your service technicians, webshops for your online clients and hardware if you want to have everything done at once.

Working method

Our way of working is as follows:

  • We know the sector and speak your language
  • Your interests are our inspiration
  • We cooperate for the best results
  • Tailor-made advice and implementation
  • Quick and phased implementation
  • Migrate data while keeping your history
  • Fair prices


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