Powerall is the software for any company in agricultural mechanization, ready for the future. Agricultural mechanization has been coping with a decrease in farmers for many years. Mechanization companies tackle this in different ways. Some chose for specialization and upscaling, including fusions and acquisitions. Others have widened their market focus to for example garden and park machinery or earth-moving machines. Yet others have chosen to expand and focus on activities such as renting, construction and machine building.

Powerall software follows these changes: from license plate registration for the specialists to new functionalities and modules (renting, projects, production, etc.) for the expanders. As well as support for multiple branches for the ‘big boys’.

– Integration of almost all suppliers
– Work place and hour administration
– Machine management with repair history
– Warehouse and stock management
– Sales at the counter or in the shop
– Barcoding for optimization of the work place and warehouse

Additionally, the complete, user-friendly and solid financial administration contributes to the successful automation of your company. Powerall has been the market leader in mechanization for years!

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