Powerall software caters to the specific needs of companies using fork lifts and internal transportation methods. Within this group the module for renting and contracts is especially important considering the increase of leasing and renting in logistics. For machine management Powerall provides the option to register specific information per fork lift/truck like chassis and series numbers, type of column, tires of engine, type and size of tires, etc. Additionally, different terms and inspections can be registered per machine. There is also the possibility for the end user, producer or importer to view the maintenance and repair history. Registration of this data happens in the workplace and service modules.

– Renting and leasing
– Service and maintenance contracts
– Machine and vehicle management
– Internal orders, insight in maintenance of renting and leasing fleets.

Powerall offers a full package for all business tasks done daily by hundreds of business. Several renown companies in this sector work with the Powerall software. If you would like to know which

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